The following solid waste and recycling services shall be the minimum provided to each resident in Upper Pottsgrove Township by any municipal waste/recycling collector:  Trash Collection, 1 x per week; Collection of Bulk Items, 1 x per week; Collection of White Goods (The Municipal Waste Collector shall be responsible to evacuate the Freone or other coolant from White Goods in accordance with DEP requirements.), 1 x per week; Collection of Yard Waste and Leaf Waste, (Weekly, April 1 through December 15); Recycling, to include Glass - All colors  Plastics 1-7  Newsprint/Magazines  Aluminum, Bi-metals &Tin, 1 x per week; and Tires, 1 tire per week.

Please keep in mind that all waste haulers must conform to the township’s ordinances and must have a permit for soliciting business.  Please contact the individual hauler of your choice.  If you have any questions or concerns, call the township offices at 610-323-8675. 

Approved Haulers                              Telephone

Advanced Disposal                              610-440-3700

A.J. Blosenski                                     Call Susan Gray at 610-507-3750

Diamond Waste Disposal                     484-985-8088

J.P. Mascaro & Sons                           800-334-3403

Unique Waste Solutions                      484-949-1923

Waste Management                            800-633-9096

Whitetail Disposal Inc.                        610-754-0103