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Welcome to the Official Website for Upper Pottsgrove Township of Pennsylvania. Here you will find information about our staff, various township services, meeting information, zoning information, local events and other things. Take a look around but know that it is the development site and may not have complete information.

Fox Hill Farm
Hillside Aquatic Pool Club
Maugers Mill Farm
Snyder Trail
Sussell Pond
Sure Catch Pond
Sprogels Run
Heather Place Park
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Committee Members 

Dennis Elliott, Chairman

Greg Churach

Charles Note

Sherry Paup

Scott Wagner



  Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee


Montgomery Awards Planning Advocate ~ 2018 Award Winner
The Upper Pottsgrove Township Open Space & Recreation Board, a dedicated volunteer group, received the 2018 Planning Advocate Award in recognition of its community vision, sustained commitment to conservation of  natural resources, and successful open space preservation and trail development achievements. Over nearly three decades, the past and present members of the board have created an enviable record of accomplishments, furthering the vision and goals of the township.


Open Space Plan 2020 Part I

Open Space Plan 2020 Part II

The Open Space & Recreation Board shall perform all the duties and may exercise all the powers conferred upon it by ordinances and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or as requested by the Board of Commissioners of Upper Pottsgrove Township.

The Open Space & Recreation Board shall, at the request of the Board of Commissioners, have the power and shall be required to:

  • Prepare the open space plan for the Township, and present it for the consideration of the governing body.
  • Maintain and keep on file records of its action. All records and files of the Open Space Committee shall be in the possession of the Board of Commissioners.
  • Prepare and present recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on proposed ordinances, resolutions and policies that would impact on the acquisition and use of open space within the Township.
  • Prepare and submit to the Board of Commissioners a recommended land and development rights acquisition program.
  • Participate in, upon request of the Board of Commissioners, any negotiations for the acquisition of open space.
  • Promote public interest in, and understanding of, the open space plan and planning.
  • Make recommendations to the governmental, civic and private agencies and individuals as to the effectiveness of the proposals of such agencies and individuals.
    • Hold public hearings and meetings.
    • Present testimony before any board.
    • Require from other departments and agencies of the municipality such available information as it relates to the work of the Open Space Committee.
  • In the performance of its functions, enter upon any land to make examinations and surveys with the consent of the owner.
  • Do such other acts or make such studies as may be necessary to fulfill the duties and obligations imposed.

Other duties include:

  • Overseeing the Township's recreation programming
  • Park planning, acquisition, and development
  • Community special events

The Township has seven main public parks

  • Heather Place Park, which is next to the Township's police and public works complex @ 1420 Heather Place, Pottstown, PA 19464. Heather Place Park is a classic community park, with playground equipment and a picnic pavilion. Heather Place Park may be reserved for your family's special occasion.
  • Hollenbach Park is currently a primarily passive park, with large open fields surrounding Fox Run.
  • Mocharniuk Meadows is a wildflower meadow.
  • Kulp Field is home to the Township's Little League and Major League Baseball fields.
  • Cherry Tree Park is dedicated open space in Cherry Tree Farms.
  • Sunset Park at 1401 North Charlotte Street, upon completion, will be the southern entrance to Sprogel's Run Trail. Sunset Park may be reserved for your family's special occasion.
  • Sussel Park is a beautiful, pristine piece of land right off of Snyder Road. 



Pottsgrove Baseball 

Pottsgrove Rec 

Pottsgrove Soccer

Pottstown Recreation

Hillside Aquatic Club


     Animals ~

1.     Releasing or abandoning wild and/or domestic animals in a park or open space is prohibited.

2.     All animals are prohibited on sports fields whether or not on a leash or other means of control.

3.     No animal shall be brought into a park or open space unless it is accompanied by and under reasonable control of a handler and firmly secured by means of a collar and leash or other device so it cannot stray beyond the control of the handler.

4.     The handler of any animal shall immediately remove and dispose of any feces deposited by the animal in a sanitary manner.



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Upcoming Events

The Sewer Committee Meeting has been cancelled.
on Tue Dec 01 @ 6:00PM
Sewer and Water Committee Meeting
on Tue Dec 01 @ 6:00PM
Board of Commissioners Meeting
on Mon Dec 07 @ 7:00PM
Open Space and Recreation Board Meeting
on Tue Dec 08 @ 7:00PM
Fire Service Committee Meeting
on Thu Dec 10 @ 7:00PM
Board of Commissioners Meeting
on Mon Dec 21 @ 7:00PM


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