Martin Schreiber, Chairman

William Marsden, Vice Chairman

France Krazalkovich

Carol R. Lewis

Tom Mattingly

Don Raudenbush


Non-Emergency Telephone: (610) 326-7589

The Fire Committee, comprised of two members of the Board of Commissioners, two citizens-at-large, the UPTFC President, the UPTFC Fire Chief, and the Township Manager is charged with overseeing the governance, finances, and operations of the UPTFC No.1. The Board of Commissioners has tasked the Fire Committee with implementing the Memorandum of Understanding, the agreement between the Township and the Fire Company outlining the new organizational structure of the UPTFC No.1.

The Fire Committee will:

  • Implement a New Organizational Paradigm for Fire Protection Services based on the following Core Concepts:
    • Implementation of the UPTFD Master Plan
    • Implementation of the UPTFD Business Plan
    • Implementation of the UPTFD Deployment Plan
  • Begin the Process to Create and Operate in a Regional Fire Protection Organization
  • Establish Strategic, Business, and Deployment Plans that can lead the UPTFD into a true Regional Partnership 
  • Work with Neighboring Elected Officials and Fire Companies and Commonwealth to Implement and Support Regionalization 
  • Continue On-going Operational Level Discussions with Neighboring Fire Companies
  • Act as the catalyst for this change

Volunteer Application

UPTFC No.1 Volunteer Application (PDF)