Committee Members 

John DahDah, Chairman 

Robert Anthony

Kenneth L. Iatesta

Herbert C. Miller, Jr., Alternate

Paul Labe, Zoning Officer 

Barry Kerchner, Solicitor

The Zoning Hearing Board shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to hear and render final adjudications in the following matters: 

A. Appeals and Challenges

  • Substantive challenges to the validity of any land use ordinance, except those brought before the Zoning Hearing Board pursuant to §§609.1 and 916.1(a)(2) of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. 
  • Challenges to the validity of a land use ordinance raising procedural questions or alleged defects in the process of enactment or adoption, which challenges shall be raised by an appeal taken within thirty (30) days after effective date of said ordinance.
  • Appeals from the determination of the Zoning Officer, including, but not limited to, the granting or denial of any permit, or failure to act on the application thereof, or the issuance of any cease and desist order.
  • Appeals from a determination by the Township Engineer or the Zoning Officer with reference to the administration of any floodplain or flood hazards ordinance or such provisions within a land use ordinance.  
  • Appeals from the Zoning Officer’s determination under §1702 of Part 17 of the Zoning Ordinance. 
  • Appeals from the determination of the Zoning Officer or Township Engineer in the administration of any land use ordinance or provisions thereof with reference to sedimentation and erosion control and storm water management insofar as the same relate to development not involving subdivision and land development. 
  • Applications for variances from the terms of Chapter 27 and flood hazard ordinances or such provisions within a land use ordinance, pursuant to Subsection (C) of Section 1802 of the Zoning Ordinance.

B. Variances

  • To authorize, upon appeal in specific cases, such variance(s) from the terms of  Chapter 27 as will not be contrary to public interest, where a literal  enforcement of the provisions of Chapter 27 will result in unnecessary hardship.  In granting any variance, the Board may attach such reasonable conditions and safeguards as it may deem necessary to implement the purposes of this Chapter and the Pennsylvania Municipalities Code, as amended.  The Board may, by rule, prescribe the form of application and may require preliminary application to the Zoning Officer. 

C. Special Exceptions

  • To hear and decide only such special exceptions to the terms of Chapter 27 upon which the Board, by the provisions of Chapter 27, is specifically authorized.