All municipalities have a variety of Boards and Commissions that help in performing and organizning the various tasks that it takes to operate a local government.

In Upper Pottsgrove Township we have the following:

Board of Commissioners

Commissioners combine many of the roles found in separate branches or levels of the state and federal governments. The Board serves as the legislative body of the township – setting policy, enacting ordinances and resolutions, adopting budgets and levying taxes.

Sewer & Water

This Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on all water and sewer projects properly under the purview of the Township.  

Open Space & Recreation Board

The responsibility of the Open Space and Recreation Board is to prepare the open space plan for the Township, and present it for the consideration of the governing body. They also maintain records, prepare and present recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on proposed ordinances, resolutions and policies that would impact on the acquisition and use of open space within the Township.

This Board overseas the Township's recreation programming, park planning, acquisition, and development and community special events. 

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is responsible for preparing the comprehensive plan for the development of the municipality and present it for consideration of the governing body. They also prepare and present to the municipality a zoning ordinance, and make recommendations on proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance.

Zoning Hearing Board

The Zoning Hearing Board has exclusive jurisdiction to hear and render final adjudications in: Appeals and Challenges, Variances and Special Exceptions.

Civil Service Commission

This Commission decides all points of order or procedure and performs any duties required by law or the Civil Service Rules and Regulations. 

Fire Committee

The Fire Committee, comprised of two members of the Board of Commissioners, two citizens-at-large, the UPTFC President, the UPTFC Fire Chief, and the Township Manager is charged with overseeing the governance, finances, and operations of the UPTFC No.1. 

Historical Board

The Historical Board was established to protect  the  historical  archives  of  the  Township  and  its  residents  and  to acknowledge and protect the historical buildings within the Township which have distinctive character recalling the architectural and historical heritage of the Township, making them a source of inspiration to the residents by awakening interest in the Township's past, and promoting the general welfare, education and culture of the Township.