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Welcome to Upper Pottsgrove Township

Welcome to the Official Website for Upper Pottsgrove Township of Pennsylvania. Here you will find information about our staff, various township services, meeting information, zoning information, local events and other things. Take a look around but know that it is the development site and may not have complete information.

Fox Hill Farm
Hillside Aquatic Pool Club
Maugers Mill Farm
Snyder Trail
Sussell Pond
Sure Catch Pond
Sprogels Run
Heather Place Park
Halfway House
Gross Road

Are you 100 years or will you be within 2020?  Save the Date for the 11th Annual Montgomery County Centenarian Celebraton.
Click Here to Register for the Celebration.
Centenarians are the fastest-growing segment of our population today.


 Act 44 Disclosure for Professional Pension Services


 Veterans' Memorial Committee Fundraising Effort


PFM Update on Contemplated Sale of Sewer System – As of February 18, 2020

Thanks to Montgomery County’s partnership with Curb My Clutter, you can recycle your clothing and electronics right from your doorstep.

Send a Text. Save the planet. ~ Recycle used clothing and electronics with a simple text.

Paper Retriever Flyer

Recycling at Apartments


Low-Interest Loans Available to Homeowners and Businesses in Berks and Montgomery Counties Impacted by July 11 and 12 Storms


Conserving Water this Winter ~ What you can do to manage stormwater on your property this season.

Links to MS4/stormwater via the PADEP MS4 website

Links to the EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System via the NPDES website





THE GREEN ALLIES are CELEBRATING (and fundraising!) with a PICNIC / GALA at the ARBORETUM this coming OCTOBER 5TH.

Buy Tickets


There is no U & O for resale of property in the township.


Althouse Arboretum Farmers' Market ~ June 28, July 26, August 23, September 27, and October 25 from 4 pm to 7 pm rain or shine at the Arboretum


Spotted Lanternfly IPM Management Calendar


APPRISE ~ Save Money on Medicare Expenses

APPRISE EXTRA HELP PROGRAM ~ Offered to Medicare recipients and can save Money on Medicare Expenses
Stop the Drugs Stop the Violence Crusade ~ Saturday July 20, NOON - 4PM



 § 297-4 Mandatory separation program established.

 There hereby is established a program for the mandatory source-separation and collection of recyclable materials, yard waste, and/or leaf waste within Upper Pottsgrove Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. No person shall dispose of municipal waste, recyclable materials, leaf waste, and/or yard waste within Upper Pottsgrove Township except in accordance with this article. The use of a municipal waste collector will not relieve any person from compliance with this article.

 § 297-5 Residential recycling.

 A. Recyclable materials. All residents of Upper Pottsgrove Township shall separate recyclable materials from all municipal waste generated at their properties. When placed at the curb for collection in accordance with the provisions of this article, recyclable materials shall be placed in separate, reusable containers which clearly identify the contents as recyclables. Except for bulk pickup items, no such municipal waste and/or recycling materials containers, including bundles of newspapers, shall exceed 50 pounds, and such containers and newspapers shall not be placed on the public streets. Such containers shall be provided by the municipal waste collector. The preparation for collection of municipal waste and recycling materials shall be made in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

B. Leaf waste and yard waste. All residents of Upper Pottsgrove Township shall separate leaf waste and yard waste from all municipal waste generated at their property. Leaf waste and yard waste shall be placed in paper biodegradable bags. Any resident who otherwise provides for the proper disposal of leaf waste and yard waste by composting, or otherwise, shall not be required to comply with the provisions of this Subsection

C. Collection. Collection of recyclable materials shall be made only by a municipal waste collector at a minimum of once per week. Leaf waste and yard waste shall be collected by a municipal waste collector in accordance with the requirements of this chapter.

D. Multifamily residences. An owner, landlord or agent of an owner or landlord of multifamily residential housing properties with four or more units, or the residents of such multifamily residential properties acting by and through a duly constituted homeowners' association, shall comply with their responsibilities under this article by establishing a collection system for recyclable materials at each property and pickup by a municipal waste collector. A collection system must include suitable containers for collecting and sorting materials, easily accessible locations for the containers and written instructions to the occupants or residents concerning the use and availability of the collection system. In addition, such owners, landlords, agents and homeowners associations shall annually provide written documentation and certification to Upper Pottsgrove Township of the total volume of materials, and the types of materials recycled. Such owners, landlords, agents and homeowners associations may comply with the reporting requirements hereunder by requiring their municipal waste collector to provide said documentation and certification directly to the Township. Owners, landlords, and agents of owners or landlords who comply with this article under this Subsection D shall not be liable for the noncompliance of occupants of their building.


§ 297-14 Minimum required service levels.

The following solid waste and recycling services shall be the minimum provided to each resident in Upper Pottsgrove Township effective August 1, 2010, by any municipal waste/recycling collector: 

Service Frequency

Trash collection

1 x per week

Collection of bulk items

1 x per week

Collection of white goods*

1 x per week

Collection of yard waste and leaf waste

Weekly, 4/1 through 12/15


1 x per week

Materials to be collected for recycling:


Glass (all colors)


Plastics 1 – 7




Aluminum, Bimetals, tin



1 tire per week



The Municipal Waste Collector shall be responsible to evacuate the Freon or other coolant from white goods in accordance with DEP requirements.


Upcoming Events for Montco Residents and Voters!
MontCoPA New Voting System Demos & Annual Town Halls
Opportunities For voters to become familiar with Montgomery County’s new Voter-Verified Paper
Ballot System that county residents will use beginning with the May 21, 2019 primary election.
More information:


We currently have openings on our Open Space & Rec Board, our Civil Service Commission, and our Zoning Hearing Board for Alternate.  Please contact the Township if you are interested in serving in one of these capacities.


Montgomery Awards Planning Advocate ~ 2018 Award Winner
The Upper Pottsgrove Township Open Space & Recreation Board, a dedicated volunteer group, received the 2018 Planning Advocate Award in recognition of its community vision, sustained commitment to conservation of  natural resources, and successful open space preservation and trail development achievements. Over nearly three decades, the past and present members of the board have created an enviable record of accomplishments, furthering the vision and goals of the township.

Get Pre-Verified for REALID without going to the DMV.


Beginning October 1, 2020, Pennsylvanians will need a REALID-compliant driver’s license, photo ID card, or another form offederally-acceptable identification (such as a valid passport or military ID)to board a domestic commercial flight or enter a federal building or militaryinstallation that requires ID.


Tri-County Trail Study - "A Circle of Progress: The Greater Pottstown Trails Feasibility Study"



Click Here for information on reporting POTHOLES.



Would you like to become more involved in your Community? Upper Pottsgrove has many volunteer opportunities available for many interests.

- Volunteer to serve on a board. Besides the elected officials we have over 7 boards who need seats filled at various times.

- Rubbish Brigade meets twice a year to police the township roads and open spaces. Many people have an area they police throughout the year.

- Program Committee meets throughout the year to plan various programs such as Community Days, Fish Rodeo, etc.

- Trail Ambassadors adopt a section of trail or open space which they help to maintain and monitor.

For more information on any of these opportunities, please contact the township.


Donate Usable Eyeglasses for the Pottstown-Stowe Lions Club at the Township Administrative Office, 1409 Farmington Avenue, 19464. Website:


Recycling Information, Including Household Hazardous Waste

Electronics Program


Hunting on Township Property is Prohibited


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Upcoming Events

Board of Commissioners Meeting
on Mon Feb 17 @ 7:00PM
Board of Commissioners Meeting
on Mon Mar 02 @ 7:00PM
Sewer and Water Committee Meeting
on Tue Mar 03 @ 6:00PM
Open Space and Recreation Board Meeting
on Tue Mar 10 @ 7:00PM
Fire Service Committee Meeting
on Thu Mar 12 @ 7:00PM
Board of Commissioners Meeting
on Mon Mar 16 @ 7:00PM


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